“Watching your parents’ health decline is very emotional and stressful. You want to make sure they are provided for. When I initially contacted Michael our objective was to preserve my parents’ assets while they received nursing care. As time went on our objective changed to helping them qualify for Medicaid assistance. He helped us navigate the laws and the process. Michael not only offered us help and advice but gave us peace of mind.”

Scott B., Caregiver for Elderly Parents, Age 42

“I always tease Michael by telling him he’s not allowed to retire or leave his law practice as long as I’m alive. But seriously, Michael was invaluable in helping me plan my estate. I don’t know a more honest attorney. Michael is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I am secure in knowing that when the time comes my daughters will receive what money I have and my wishes will be followed”.

Lois B., Widow, Age 81

“When I need legal advice I know I can trust the team at Einheuser Legal group. Some law firms only know how to talk in legal terms; at Einheuser they explain everything in simple, easy to understand language. They are professionals and put the client first and are always pleasant to work with”.

Carolyn S., Single Mom with a Career, Age 52

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