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Medicaid is a joint state, federal and city program which offers medical assistance to people with limited assets and low incomes. It is available to individuals who are eligible for SSI (Supplementary Security Income) or public assistance.

Although, Medicaid is also accessible for persons with higher earnings. It covers a wide range of health services, but finances, living arrangements, age and your family situation could always be decisive factors.

In states like Rochester, the Medicaid Surplus Income Program is available for people over sixty five years of age or who are disabled or blind and whose incomes are too high to qualify for SSI or public assistance. These individuals must spend down any extra income on the medical costs until they are able to reach the Medicaid income level.

Medicaid and Asset Protection Advice

As an alternative to spending down, Rochester Hills lawyer permit Medicaid recipients living in the community and certain congregate care facilities to protect all their earnings by the using trusts for income.

Once this eligibility threshold is met, Medicaid covers all types of medical care including doctor bills, hospital care, home care, nursing home coverage and prescriptions.

Our Rochester Hills’ Medicaid lawyers are focused on protecting clients’ money, income and property, so they don’t have to spend everything to pay for health care, especially for the long-term care.

We help clients in receiving the care they need; in many cases by helping them become eligible for the Medicaid.  Our focus on asset protection and health care goes hand-in-hand with creating successful estate plans for our clients.

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Michael Einheuser, Rochester Hills medicaid attorney
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Michael Einheuser has been practicing law for 35 years. He’s been privileged to be involved in writing over 2,000 estate plans. For us, estate planning isn’t a “product.” It’s a “process.” Michael can help you identify your hopes for the future as well as your fears. Then, Michael will customize an estate plan uniquely suited for you. The result isn’t just a collection of legal documents. It’s Peace of Mind. Michael has always regarded the practice of law as one of the “helping” professions.  He believes that attorneys should conduct themselves like doctors or ministers, serving as a trusted professional that people can turn to for help with their most important and sometimes most private concerns.

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In the case of a request denial or any questions involving your application, your Rochester Hills lawyer will be able to file an appeal or provide additional information as necessary.

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