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Medicaid Planning is a joint state, federal and local program that offers a wide range of health and medical benefits, including long-term care for those who are chronically or permanently ill, disabled or injured.

Medicaid covers a range of health services, but living arrangements, finances, age and your family situation could always be the decisive factors.

With comprehensive Medicaid Planning and proper legal advice from our Farmington Hills lawyer Einheuser Legal Group, you or your family member or friend may be able to save your income and your life’s savings, and your home, for yourself and your Estate.

Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection

When it comes to asset protection and Medicaid planning, many individuals are often misinformed about the process. The notion is simply not correct that Medicaid is only for the poor.

Even when you have been told by another specialist that you have too many assets to qualify for Medicaid, we can provide you with the planning required to qualify for the Medicaid eligibility while still preserving the assets.

To create effective Medicaid plans for our clients, the elder care planning professionals apply the firm’s signature approach to these problems. We have built our firm specifically to handle both sides of the most elder care planning matters —the legal side and the personal side.

To that end, our Medicaid lawyers offer clients the exclusive benefit of elder care coordinators, also known ads on-staff social workers. These elder care coordinators have wealth of experience working with clients to help them find the care and services they need to maintain a high quality of life and monitoring those needs going forward.

Meet Attorney Michael Einheuser:

Michael Einheuser, Farmington Hills medicaid attorney
Top medicaid attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Michael Einheuser has been practicing law for 35 years. He’s been privileged to be involved in writing over 2,000 estate plans. For us, estate planning isn’t a “product.” It’s a “process.” Michael can help you identify your hopes for the future as well as your fears. Then, Michael will customize an estate plan uniquely suited for you. The result isn’t just a collection of legal documents. It’s Peace of Mind. Michael has always regarded the practice of law as one of the “helping” professions.  He believes that attorneys should conduct themselves like doctors or ministers, serving as a trusted professional that people can turn to for help with their most important and sometimes most private concerns.

Comprehensive Elder Care Planning Services

Our collective team approach enables us to work diligently with each of our clients when performing Medicaid planning — allowing us to maximize asset protection while also finding good quality care.

This approach allows us to better understand each client’s unique circumstances and to individually tailor our professional guidance accordingly.

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