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How We Can Help Your Family in Bloomfield Township, Michigan:

Einheuser Legal, P.C. has been assisting families in Bloomfield Township, Michigan for more than 30 years. We specialize in Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Medicaid Assistance; helping clients identify their specific needs and hopes for the future as well as relieving their fears. We offer individually tailored plans uniquely suited for you. The result isn’t just a collection of legal documents – it’s peace of mind.

Meet Attorney Michael Einheuser:

Michael Einheuser, Bloomfield Township estate planner lawyer
Top estate planning attorney in Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Michael Einheuser has been practicing law for 35 years. He’s been privileged to be involved in writing over 2,000 estate plans for families throughout Michigan, including residents of Bloomfield Township, MI. For Michael, estate planning isn’t a “product.” It’s a “process.” Michael can help you identify your hopes for the future as well as your fears. Then, Michael will customize an estate plan uniquely suited for you. The result isn’t just a collection of legal documents. It’s Peace of Mind. Michael has always regarded the practice of law as one of the “helping” professions. He believes that attorneys should conduct themselves like doctors or ministers, serving as a trusted professional that people can turn to for help with their most important and sometimes most private concerns.

Estate Planning is not only about writing a Will. In fact, it gives guidance to loved ones, and to legally authorize people you think are reliable and trustworthy to help you when you are not able to help yourself.

Our Estate planning lawyer in Bloomfield Township will be able to help you legally by determining how you can manage your assets during your lifetime and how to distribute among the deserving family members on the right time.

Bloomfield Township Lawyer Provides Bespoke Plans

At Einheuser Legal, P.C., our Bloomfield Township lawyer will custom-made your estate plan based on how your taxes can be minimized and court expenses and interventions can be eliminated.

Generally, estate planning includes powers of attorney, durable guardianships and sometimes more.

A well-thought out Estate Plan, created by our Bloomfield Township lawyer, can cover your:

  • Current way of living needs
  • Retirement plans
  • Business engagements
  • Tax payments
  • Future critical events such as serious health issues
  • Family differences as well as
  • Ensuring your assets go exactly where you want them to be.

Who Needs It?

It’s about confirming that all your finances are suitably handled, healthcare decisions are made in advance, and successors get right amount of assets and possessions, in case someone passes away.

Our estate planning and wills lawyer not only plan ahead so that you can rely on the present state to distribute your assets but also manage your healthcare decisions when you are no longer able to do so.

Most of the times, these issues can lead to high estate planning lawyer costs as beneficiaries argue over who gets what, which is a total lose situation that could have been easily avoided. Our living trust lawyer will help you avoid probate.

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