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Medicaid Planning and Long Term Care

Don't forsake your assets to Nursing Homes or Medicaid; become informed about Medicaid Planning.

Seniors have been able to rely on Medicare to pay for the majority of their health care expenses. But a shocking fact is that Medicare will only pay for the first 100 days of skilled nursing care. Once this period is up families face the devastating prospect of paying for a loved one’s care out of retirement assets. These costs can bankrupt many families in several months.
Many people that are eligible for Medicaid don't apply. Some are simply not aware of the help that is available. Others have been confused by the complicated rules and regulations that are part of the applications process. It's easy to make a mistake. And some mistakes can result in many months of ineligibility for Medicaid benefits. We have helped many families navigate the complicated process of Medicaid eligibility. That’s why we have written an in-depth Report titled “Solving the Medicaid Puzzle.” You can have this Report emailed to you for free.

In "Solving the Medicaid-Nursing Home Puzzle" we discuss:

  • Asset Protection and divestment stragegies.
  • The history of the Medicaid program & what it was originally designed to do.
  • How recent changes in the law restrict access to Medicaid.
  • What kinds of services are covered and what is excluded.
  • Strategies to protect the spouse that doesn't need care.
  • The biggest mistakes that can make you ineligible for Medicaid benefits.
  • Preservation of assets for funeral and other necessary expenses.

We can help you help your loved ones during this very difficult time.

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Listen to how Scott B helped his parents during a difficult time.

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