Estate Planning

In the formal legal sense, estate planning is the process of getting your affairs in order and determining who will receive your wealth after your death. But my clients tell me that planning their estate is a process that results in achieving peace of mind. Because, with proper planning, you accomplish the following:
  1. Identify Who Receives Your Wealth. Your estate plan determines who receives your estate.
  2. Identify Who is In Charge of Your Wealth.  An estate plan is essential for determining who will be in charge of your wealth, and ensuring that someone you know and trust is given the responsibility for carrying out your  wishes. Read more here: Who should I choose to be in charge of my financial affairs?
  3. Identify Who is In Charge of Your Health.  Estate planning is not just for things that occur after we die. An estate plan allows us to determine what will happen if we ever become disabled.
  4. Create a plan that protects against disability.  The financial and emotional impact of a disability can be devastating. Creating a good funding plan for Long Term Care helps protect you and your family against loss.
  5. Preserve your wealth by avoiding probate fees, attorney fees and estate taxes.  A properly planned estate can save your family a great deal of money. You have, no doubt, heard stories about assets being gobbled up by all sorts of costs associated with administering the estate. These can include probate fees, attorney fees, and death taxes. A well-written estate plan can reduce and even eliminate a number of these fees, preserving more of your wealth for your family. Read more here: How to Avoid Probate
  6. Comprehensive Retirement and Other Financial Planning  Creating a complete picture of your financial situation allows us to construct a game plan that will help you to reach your pre- and post-retirement goals and build your estate.
Whether you are 27 or 72, estate planning may be one of the most important preparations you'll ever make. Don't put it off any longer! Take the next step -- contact us today.

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