4 Safeguards to Prevent Your Will from Being Contested

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As you work to create your estate plan, one of your goals should be to leave no doubts as to the validity of your will. In some circumstances, beneficiaries who feel they got spurned in the will might attempt to challenge its validity in hopes of ultimately receiving more of an inheritance.

By working with a skilled estate planning attorney, you can remove this risk. Experienced legal professionals understand how to craft key documents that eliminate potential loopholes or vulnerabilities that could leave a will open challenges.

The following are some safeguards you can put in place to prevent your will from challenges:

  • Get your will done early: Try not to procrastinate when it comes to writing up a will. The best time to start your estate planning process is while you are still healthy—not when there is any question at all about your mental capacity.

Will contests become significantly more common if an individual creates or alters it after beginning to experience symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, for example. It becomes easier for a challenger to the will to prove the testator was not of sound mind when he or she created the document. Thus, you should create your will as early as possible and make regular updates as needed.

  • Add a “no contest” clause: You may include a provision that essentially blocks people from contesting the will for selfish reasons. Under such a clause, anyone who attempts to challenge the will would receive nothing from the estate. This does not prevent anyone from challenging the will at all, but if a person is acting purely out of self-interest, it could act as a powerful deterrent.
  • Share your estate plan with your loved ones: The people close to you will be much less likely to challenge the validity of your will if they know what it contains before you pass away. Sit down with your loved ones and explain your decisions. This gives you the opportunity to avoid your loved ones receiving nasty surprises after their death, while also allowing you to smooth over any potential arguments or points of contention from the start.
  • Regularly update your estate plan: Whenever the circumstances of your life have significantly changed, such as a new marriage, the birth of a new child, a new job or retirement, you should update your will to ensure it reflects your current situation. A will that appears to be outdated is more likely to see challenges, as someone could argue it did not reflect the true wishes of the testator.

These are just a few of the steps you may take to prevent will contests from becoming an issue after your passing. For more information and guidance on how to create legally binding estate planning documents, contact a trusted estate planning lawyer.

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