3 Elder Law Tips Everyone in Michigan Should Read

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Many people are not aware of the laws that are in place to protect those who are advanced in age. If you would like to gain some insight, it would be a good idea to continue reading.

  1. Get A Power Of Attorney

If you are in charge of taking care of someone who is elderly, you need to discuss having them sign a power of attorney. This will give you the authority to make decisions on their behalf. Even if the person is still functional at this time, they can sign the paper and stipulate that it only goes into effect if they are no longer able to function well.

  1. A Will Is Crucial

Telling someone your last wishes may seem like enough, but the reality is that it is not. There is nothing worse than having someone pass away believing that everything will be okay and their loved ones are left fighting over property and other belongings. Even if you think that your family will be fine once you are gone, and everything will be civil, you should have a will drawn up anyway.

  1. Have A Medical Proxy Assigned

Some people think that this is the same as power of attorney, but it isn’t. There are many people whose medical proxy and power of attorney are two different people. This is a separate document that allows people to make medical decisions if you cannot do this on your own. Make sure the person you select is very knowledgeable about the choices you would make if you were able to do so.

If you or a loved one are elderly, it is important to begin getting your legal paperwork with the help of a Bingham Farms elder law attorney in order. Keep all of this information in mind as you move forward.

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